Chinese architecture arresting at Vancouver Fashion Week

China was arresting at the abutting of the 10th anniversary Vancouver Fashion Week on Sunday atramentous as the creations of three Shanghai designers wowed a arranged abode in a city hotel. Dubbed “Shanghai Nights” to advertise the works  Louboutin shoes of Helen Lee, Jenny Ji and Alian Wang,.

the three collections featuring cottony scarves, marriage dresses, atramentous abrasion and acute accidental abrasion for any occasion, a part of others, provided an admirers fabricated up of Vancouver fashionists with a acceptable adumbration of the superior of architecture plan getting created on the added ancillary of the Pacific.

Lee, who showed at Shanghai Fashion Week beforehand this month, displayed a abundant accumulating of 40 apparel that were abundant on texture, aciculate dressmaking with an aspect of benevolence account by the use of faux furs.

The designer’s absorption to detail was so absolute she even created the shoes her models were wearing. Especially absorbing were her  Christian Louboutin bristling yarn, broad-shouldered, cape-like coats that can be beat on academic or accidental occasions. The coats acclimated atramentous and white colors to add contrast. “I play about with the yarns, cut them into abbreviate pieces and again sew them together.

It looks like fur, but because I am an eco-friendly designer, I don’t use fur. But I will try to accomplish it attending like an angel of  Christian Louboutin Pumps actual furry,” said Lee. “But this time a lot of my being is black. The afflatus is from French philosopher Rene Descartes, because his cerebration that aggregate has two abandon agency duality. So this is the abstraction from my activity experience, aswell from Rene Descartes.”


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